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Designer out of Ottawa, Ontario. Scroll down to view some of my work!


Dropkick Brewery Concept
Iceland Book Concept
Steam TV Broadcast Package
Personal Website One
Intranet Design Work In Progress
Algonquin College app concept design

Dropkick Lager & Brewery Concept

Brand package concept for Dropkick Brewery

This concept was inspired by the band Dropkick Murphys. I wanted to have the grungy feeling without having the traditional Irish look and feel that so many beers and brewers are already using.

This was a very good exercise in knowing my limits as a designer as I could not get the look and feel of the hand lettering that I wanted on my own, so I enlisted the aid of an illustrator to help me achieve my vision for the lettering and then designed my assets around that.

Mobile Web concept for Dropkick Brewery
Flask Concept
Menu Concept

Iceland Photography Book Concept

Statistics Page for Iceland

A photography and destination information book concept. It was a fun challenge to try to have the focus on the photography while not overshadowing the type which would have important information for the user.

Welcome Page
About Icelands capital city
About Iceland
Iceland Book Cover

Steam TV Broadcast Package

Concept for a television network called SteamTV. Includes a broadcast package with title reveal, lower thirds, sidebar animation and transitions.

Personal Web Page - Spetember 2013

Personal webpage design.

My first concept for my ever-changing personal page. This was my first experience implementing Jekyll on a website using just the basic implementation (no posts, lists etc).

Eastforest Homes Intranet

Intranet design for Eastforest Homes.

This is a current large data website that I am working on for a Kitchener-based homebuilding company (Eastforest Homes). This project is going to be a Jekyll site as it has huge amounts of data and information that can be easily managed with Jekyll.

Eastforest Intranet iMac design
Eastforst Homes iPhone design

The AC Application

the People screen of the Ac App

This is an application concept for Algonquin College. It would be a mixture of a mapping application to help people find their classes as well as a messaging and calendar app to help students and professors keep in touch and keep track of their timetable.

This was my first attempt at a UI design for an application using a UI kit for IOS7.

Map screens for the Ac App
Profile screens for the Ac app


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